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A professor in dental school once said to me, “Anyone can place a filling.  We could train monkeys to do that.” While I disagree that is entirely true, I believe it was meant to remind us of who we were becoming. A dentist never works on teeth. A dentist always works on a person. We pride ourselves in taking this lesson to heart. We will of course take care of you and your family’s teeth. But we will always remember to take care of you first and foremost.

There will be perfect teeth in Heaven. In the meanwhile, we must all make the best of our imperfections. This is where we excel. Whether you are in pain, need a checkup, or want a better smile, we can give you many options to choose from using advanced dental procedures at a not-so-advanced price. No one can promise you a perfect smile, but we can promise you the best smile that dentistry has to offer at an affordable price.

Whether you need implants placed, dentures made, or wisdom teeth extracted, you can usually have your care provided conveniently and comfortably in our office. When a referral to a specialist is necessary, the specialists in the Lynchburg area offer excellent care that rivals what is provided in larger metropolitan areas. We can put you in contact with specialists you can trust to give you advice, options, and care for your particular needs.

We participate with most insurance plans. If you find that we do not currently accept your insurance, please inform Michelle, our office manager, so that we can look into becoming a participating provider. We also work with Care Credit, a lending institution that offers 0% lines of credit for medical and dental expenses.