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Replacing Missing Teeth

If you are missing teeth, Dr. Burton can help!  He can discuss which options are best suited to the teeth surrounding that area, your mouth as a whole, your financial circumstances, your goals, and your preferences.  We offer a full range of services that replace teeth, including removable partials called “flippers”, removable partial dentures, complete dentures, traditional bridges that are permanently cemented in place, and implants to which he can attach a permanent crown or snap in your dentures.  And option number one is always to do nothing.  You will never be treated with high pressure sales tactics in our care.

Dr. Burton can guide you through the decision about which options are suitable for you and help you make a decision on how best to replace your missing teeth.  Once you have made your choice, Dr. Burton can usually perform all of the necessary procedures himself in the comfort and familiarity of his office.  In the event that a portion of your care requires a referral to a specialist, Dr. Burton will coordinate your care with our excellent dental specialists in the Lynchburg area.