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Pediatric Dentistry

Offering dentistry for children involves measures of education and tenderness. Letting children experience that a dental office is not only safe but also a place to look forward to visiting is important to us. Routine dental care helps establish healthy habits early and allows parents and professionals the best opportunity to prevent or catch little problems before they become bigger and more difficult treat.  

Children are never too young for a trip to the dentist. Infants and toddlers usually require only a quick exam sitting in Mom or Dad’s lap. A brief discussion with parents about nutrition and oral hygiene is more than enough to equip them to do what is necessary to prevent problems from developing with their child’s teeth. Regular visits at that age typically occur at the start or finish of Mom or Dad’s checkups but can be scheduled separately if that is preferable. As children become more comfortable with Dr. Burton, the staff, office, and experience, then treatments such as cleanings, X-rays, fluoride, or sealants can be provided as needed.  

Sometimes a two-year-old will eagerly accept a cleaning, and occasionally a 7-year-old will refuse an X-ray. There are no hard and fast rules or timetables regarding dental care for children as every child is different. The benefit of our office is that with time and care, most every child can be won over.