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My father was an auto mechanic who ran his own shop in the Richmond area for decades. When I was young, I not only learned to change oil and rotate tires while I worked summers there, but more importantly learned that a business owner’s greatest asset is his or her word. Whether we are explaining treatment options, delivering care, or selecting filling materials for our patients, you can expect us to serve you in a way worthy of your trust.

To us integrity means explaining your options without the pressure of salesmanship tactics and delivering your care the way that we would want to be cared for ourselves. Whether you are seeking a large treatment plan involving implants and complex prosthetics or just need a checkup, you will receive our full level of attention,care, and resources. When we speak with each other and with our patients, we will do so with respect and dignity.



While excellence certainly does not only apply to our cosmetic work, it is usually the aspect of dentistry where excellence gets the most attention. And without a doubt one of my greatest joys as a dentist is to fix a concern someone has had for a long time with their front teeth. I have had tough men look in the mirror and tear up right before giving me a bear hug because they can smile without embarrassment again. Doing this type of work well requires an artistic eye as well as a variety of materials to create seamless restorations, recreate subtle imperfections, or improve upon those imperfections as the situation requires.

The best filling or crown is not always the one that your friends say looks beautiful; the most beautiful dental work is the kind that they may not even notice. A good crown should be hard to find even with a close look. The same is true for dentures, partials, or bridges. Our goal is to have your dental work expertly blend into your smile and overall beauty. Having cosmetic dental work look both beautiful and natural requires listening to the patient, designing the work to compliment the face as a whole, and accepting nothing less than perfection in the work we do. We can also take a good smile and make it better, a beautiful smile and make it pristine. We can do so usually with a variety of options at a variety of price points as well. Call 434-385-6000 today to schedule an appointment.


Receiving dental care can be comfortable and empowering. While having your smile transformed is a powerful and life-changing experience, we believe even the simple act of getting a cleaning and checkup should be uplifting and a part of your day that you look forward to. We pride ourselves in listening to your needs, offering a variety of options for your treatment, and delivering your care with gentleness and skill.

It saddens me to hear so many of our new patients tell stories of bad experiences at previous dentists from their past. Many of these people haven’t seen a dentist in years because of the personal trauma. Time and time again, our way of offering care has given these individuals reasons to come back again. Our worry-free approach minimizes anxiety and eliminates pain from dental treatment.

From the front desk to the dental chair and every place in between, our highly skilled team treats you with compassion, integrity, and excellence.