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All of us have imperfections. They give us character, make us unique. Some of these imperfections are endearing. But frankly, sometimes these imperfections can be embarrassing, frustrating, or otherwise problematic. The good news is there are very few imperfections with your teeth that cannot be improved upon nowadays if you so desire.

Sometimes cosmetic dentistry is a little more elective or optional, such as when we are taking a great smile and making it even better. But usually cosmetic dentistry involves addressing some sort of defect, whether a gap, a broken or missing tooth, or a number of teeth that have for any number of reasons just seen better days. In any of those cases, you can approach us without embarrassment or worry. We will usually have a number of options at a range of price points to give you the opportunity to smile again from the inside out.

Fillings & Cosmetic Dentistry