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Would you like to throw away your denture adhesive for good?  Would you like to replace a missing tooth (or several) with the latest technology dentistry has to offer, but without breaking the bank?  Dental implants and mini dental implants allow Dr. Burton’s patients to do those things and much more.

In one visit, Dr. Burton can place your mini dental implants and reline your denture to snap onto those implants, giving you confidence and comfort.  In most cases, the plastic edges of the denture can be shortened since they are no longer as important for stability.  In the upper jaw, the plastic on the roof of the mouth can usually be removed as well.  While many patients enjoy the ability to wear their upper denture without gagging after this procedure, a benefit many do not expect is the return of the temperature and taste of their drinks and food.  Many patients don’t realize that the roof of their mouth has taste buds until an upper denture covers them up.  Snapping your dentures in with mini dental implants can be a life changing opportunity that Dr. Burton provides his patients.  Many people who have been told they don’t have enough bone for traditional implants have more than enough bone for the placement of mini implants.

 A mini dental implant or a wider, traditional dental implant can also be used to replace a missing tooth.  In both cases, the implant is a titanium artificial root with threads like a screw that is placed into the bone.  This is the same type of material used in knee and other joint replacements.  It is so safe and acceptable to the body that the bone will actually fuse to the implant, reproducing the root of a tooth as closely as dentistry currently permits.  The surgery to place an implant is painless, minimally invasive, and leaves the patient with a solid foundation to which Dr. Burton permanently attaches a crown.  The crown is usually attached after some healing time.  This procedure has dramatically changed what dentistry has to offer patients.  Contact our office and make an appointment to see if implants or mini implants are right for you.